Welcome to the Restaurant Vielharmonie in Alling

Enjoy a relaxing evening in a cozy ambience with selected wines, King Ludwig's beers and a lot of harmony. Of course we want to cook! But we also want to cook, of course!

We focus on quality and the taste of the product. That's why we grill meat and fish on the bone on local charcoal, largely refrain from heavy cream sauces and season discreetly. Grilling on charcoal also means indirect heat. Therefore, this gentle way of preparation also takes longer than conventional methods of preparation.

"Almost food", our interpretation of "fast food" because pre-produced and prepared quickly, you will not get with us. We make everything ourselves and prepare everything fresh and a là minute for you. That's why we ask you to be patient. You, we and the product deserve it. Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Please reserve, we look forward to seeing you!